Mushroom Compost 1.5 CF Bag

Mushroom Compost 1.5 CF Bag

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This high quality compost is a combination of composted straw, horse manure and supplemental nutrients. The high nutrient values are excellent for inducing plant growth and health, while the structural characteristics are ideal for loosening and improving the heavy soils.

Addition rates should not exceed 20% by volume. 

Benefits of Mushroom Compost:
• New plants will establish faster and grow more vigorously.
• The structural characteristics of Mushroom Compost are ideal for
   loosening and improving heavy soils.
• The particle size is quite favorable for improvement of soils
   physical properties.
• As an amendment, Mushroom Compost also supplies needed
  nutrients in a form particularly suited to most ground covers.
• When used as a mulch, it will upgrade the soil condition and
  provide nutritional benefits to existing beds.
• Mushroom compost can be used for seeding grass and sodding,
  giving the seed/sod a quick start for a faster established lawn  

Ingredients: Composted Straw, Horse Manure, Supplemental Nutrients

Ideal Uses: Mulch for Perennials, Mulch for Trees & Shrubs, Soil Amendment