Sansevieria parva 'Gilt Edge'

Sansevieria parva 'Gilt Edge'

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Sold in 1 gal pot

If you're looking for an easy-care houseplant, you can't do much better than snake plant. This hardy indoor is still popular today -- generations of gardeners have called it a favorite -- because of how adaptable it is to a wide range of growing conditions.  These spiky beauties can put up with almost anything.


Grow snake plant in just about any room of your home. While it tolerates low light, snake plant grows fastest in bright conditions.

Growth Rate

Sansevierias have a slow to moderate growth rate. They spread by underground stems called rhizomes which pop up as new growth.

In stronger natural light they’ll grow faster and slower in lower light.


Easy does it with the watering. You want to be careful not to overdo it because your plant will rot out.  Always make sure the soil is almost completely dry before thoroughly watering again.

Water your Snake Plants every 2-8 weeks. The watering schedule will vary for you depending on your home environment, type of soil mix, and pot size.